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Tools for marketing

On this page you can find individual design elements and ready-made advertising materials for Nakopi Club partners. You can freely use them on your website and in your promotional materials. Just download or copy and place them in the right place to announce your participation in the Nakopi Club.

You can also post links to our website with your own texts. But to save your time, increase the conversion and your earnings, we recommend using the materials listed here.

All materials presented on this page can be used with the following restrictions:

✓ You can not deform and transform the original appearance of logos and elements of the corporate style of Nakopi Club;

✓ You can not change the color scheme and the colors of the raw materials used when placing the graphic materials below;

✓ When placing the graphic materials presented below - a mandatory active link to the web address https://nakopiclub.com.

Presented PDF materials are opened for editing. After downloading the file, insert your Partner ID. The file is ready to print. Edit and share your document with the world!