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The bonus module "Basis"


All new participants who have registered on the partner ID of the representative of Nakopi Club, are credited with a motivating bonus of 30 DEP, which can be used as the first contribution for activation of the accumulative pack "Dreamer".

The "Dreamer" package is a cumulative package. the participant must contribute funds regularly for several weeks to form the desired amount. When the package is activated, the participant is given the choice "Use bonus 30 DEP", which can be written off as a first payment.

Bonus funds are not subject to withdrawal, only the interest earned on them. After the end of the term of the package, the funds will return to the bonus balance and they can be used again by activating the new package "Dreamer".

Nakopi Club launches a win-win promotion!

1. Subscribe to the Clubs social network pages on VK and Facebook.

2. Shoot the video review or video instruction on cooperation with the Nakopi Club. The length of the video should exceed one minute, it must be unique and recorded by you personally. You can either make a video of yourself, or record a video and just voice it. Be creative!

3. Upload the video on your pages on VK, Facebook or YouTube (at least two social networks).

4. Send links to your pages and video feedback to [email protected]

After that, and subject to all established rules, you will automatically be credited with prize money. For a video with your direct participation in the frame, you will receive $ 5, for a video with only your voiceover - $ 2. You can use the prize money to activate one of the Clubs accumulative packages or withdraw them.

Every month on the 1st of the day, we will play a super prize in the amount of $ 100 to $ 1000 for the best video among the participants of this month. Absolutely everyone can win!