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Do you have a goal, but to collect funds or postpone, as usual, does not work? Our Club is created for those who have plans and dreams, but who do not have enough money for it; for those who can help, and those who need help. You can easily save up for education, travel, wedding or for your own business, making only a small weekly or monthly contribution! We have developed stable investment solutions with maximum profitability and minimum risk, which are based on a thorough analysis and study of the modern financial market. The implemented concepts enable you to save the necessary amount by a certain date and get a reliable passive income or additional investment income - depending on your preferences and material possibilities.

Nakopi Club offers three different options for subsidizing in the Cumulative Platform for different purposes, terms and amounts:

Accumulative pack «Dreamer»

Accumulative pack «Dreamer» provides an opportunity to accumulate a guaranteed amount due to easy periodic payments. You simply designate the amount you want to save, and the time required for its accumulation. Following the schedule and regularly making payments - very soon you will be able to fulfill your dream easily and simply! For its part, Nakopi Club provides for a regular increase in the interest rate of profit in order to increase profitability for the participant.

Active replenishment pack «Lepton»

The active replenishment pack «Lepton» will suit you if your main goal is long-term savings for any purposes, the offensive of which is planned in the long term. The amount and term of the investment directly affect the profitability of the deposit therefore, long-term deposits bring you more income. It can be used for personal purposes or make a new contribution and get even more profit. This method of investment is gaining momentum, which means that more and more people are interested in a new way of accumulation.

Nonlinear income pack «Dividend»

The non-linear income pack «Dividend» is the most simple and effective way of obtaining passive income. Passive income does not depend on any regular actions and you get profit from your investments, without leaving home. To do this, you need only to make the desired amount of the deposit and to determine its validity. The whole term of the deposit is divided into periods during which will be calculated the payable interest. The frequency and duration of these periods can be different - you set it yourself. The high profit ratio directly depends on the duration of the deposit period and the intensity of payments, therefore, the later and less often you will receive payments and the longer the term of the deposit, the more profit you will receive. Periodic payment of interest from significant investments can become a stable source of your income. This is the best way to start living the life of your dream, to travel and dispose of time at your own discretion at the moment when everyone is working.

How does the conservation and multiplication scheme of Nakopi Club work:
You formulate a dream, the desired amount of accumulation for its implementation and the period to which you want to form capital.
Choose a comfortable concept of subsidizing in Cumulative platforms - «Dreamer», «Lepton» or «Dividend».
Financial plan
Make regular payments - in accordance with the chosen frequency of making contributions to the package «Dreamer», or make a one-time contribution for the packages «Lepton» or «Dividend».
With the expiry of the deposit period, you receive both the accumulated amount and additional profit.

One thought of a dream is not enough to bring it to life.

Make a list of what you dream about. Focus on one wish.

Now is the time to remake the dream into a goal. What is the difference between these two concepts? A dream is something rather vague, unclear and indefinite. But the goal - this is a reality, with a clear time frame and a plan for achieving.

Set the timeframe and specify the approximate budget of accumulation for its implementation. Step by step, write down your financial plan - break the budget for small regular payments or determine the base amount for the investment, which will accumulate interest. Once your contribution is completed, you will receive the desired amount + interest!

The dream is getting closer. Implement it in life!