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Welcome to the Nakopi Club information center. Here you can find the latest news and information resources of our Club. We adhere to the principles of information openness and are always ready to respond to your request in a timely manner, to listen to comments and suggestions.

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The new service in the Club

Dear participants and partners!

Nakopi Club gives you an exclusive opportunity to get professional advice from a personal manager at all stages of our cooperation. Why risk your income and savings when you have a personal manager and his job is to help you use your money wisely? In addition to long-term financial planning, the personal manager will provide you with daily support, become your main contact person in the Club, and his professional advice will help you choose the most profitable investment option from all those offered and achieve maximum results. 

You can trust him with the solution of your current tasks, for example, order a withdrawal of funds from your personal account or make a weekly payment on a cumulative package. If for any reason you have arrears of cumulative packages, the manager will inform you. 

With the manager you can also take part in all the events organized by the Club - from various conferences and opening representative offices to meetings of leaders and the management of the Club. The club provides a free and guaranteed personal manager, the service is connected directly to the member account. A participant can contact his personal manager in any way convenient for him: via e-mail or via chat within the system. 

To activate the service, send your request to [email protected].

11/06/2018 16:30
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First promotion of Nakopi Club

Dear participants and partners!

Nakopi Club launches a win-win promotion!

You help us develop - we are grateful! Absolutely every participant of this promotion is guaranteed to receive real money to their account, which they can use at their discretion.

In order to become a participant of the promotion:

1. Subscribe to the Club's social network pages on VK and Facebook.

2. Shoot the video review or video instruction on cooperation with the Nakopi Club. The length of the video should exceed one minute, it must be unique and recorded by you personally. You can either make a video of yourself, or record a video and just voice it. Be creative!

3. Upload the video on your pages on VK, Facebook or YouTube (at least two social networks).

4. Send links to your pages and video feedback to [email protected]

After that, and subject to all established rules, you will automatically be credited with prize money. For a video with your direct participation in the frame, you will receive $ 5, for a video with only your voiceover - $ 2. You can use the prize money to activate one of the Club's accumulative packages or withdraw them.

But that is not all!

Every month on the 1st of the day, we will play a super prize in the amount of $ 100 to $ 1000 for the best video among the participants of this month. Absolutely everyone can win!

Catch your luck!

10/05/2018 20:35
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