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Welcome to the Nakopi Club information center. Here you can find the latest news and information resources of our Club. We adhere to the principles of information openness and are always ready to respond to your request in a timely manner, to listen to comments and suggestions.

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A new round of development Nakopi Club

Dear participants and partners!

Less than six months, and Nakopi Club is not enough space in the online space. The last months have become for us a time of incredible transformation that will allow us to strengthen our partnership with all members of the Club. From conversations, the idea was gradually born and already matured to go offline and move to a qualitatively new level of development.

The efforts of the Club management and our partners in different countries of the world will now focus on the development of existing and successful implementation of new services for our partners, improving the efficiency and profitability of cooperation with the Club. We will continue to successfully tackle complex tasks and set ambitious plans for progressive development. The attitude towards participants who are the highest value for the Club will remain unchanged. To inspire everyone to a more successful life and join efforts in achieving common success - this is the position of the strong.

Detailed information on the new development strategy of the Club for the short and long term will be posted on the website soon.

01/29/2019 14:22
The club began work after the holidays

The Nakopi Club team returned from the New Year holidays and smoothly entered the working mode. We had a great rest, discussed the outgoing year and planned the next one. In disputes, discussions and reflections came to a common conclusion - to walk steadily into the future. Quickly, decisively and effectively.

In the short term, that is, already in 2019, in addition to high-quality service for all club members, we are focused on the optimal use of all club resources and the accuracy of the tasks assigned. There is no limit to development, and only in a team can we achieve high results, understanding and supporting each other. We believe in preserving the existing business and friendly relations and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation in 2019. The club is already operating in normal mode: the accruals of profits for all active packages are restored and will be credited according to the payment schedule.

01/14/2019 11:28
New Year holidays in the Club

Dear friends!

The Nakopi Club team goes to the New Year holidays: From December 25 to January 13, we will rest and work to make our Club even better. 

Let us open the secret: we are preparing a lot of pleasant surprises and promise to please you in the New Year 2019 with a huge amount of innovations and improvements! 

The first working day in 2019 is January 14th. The withdrawal function, the activation of new packages and the partner reward will work as usual. There will be only accruals of profits that will recover from January 14. 

If you have any questions during the holidays, we will be happy to answer them by email at [email protected] 

We congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish stability and prosperity, creative success and achievement of new goals. Happy New Year, harmony, wealth and only good news!

12/24/2018 12:50
Interkassa system has been connected

Dear participants and partners!

Many in the Club have been waiting for this, and we are happy to announce the good news.

Nakopi Club connected acceptance of payments through the Interkassa system. An important factor in choosing, along with the popularity and safety of payments, was the comfort of the process for our participants. Among the large number of payment instruments connected to Interkassa there are world giants such as Master Card, Visa, Pay Pal, Yandex.Money, WebMoney and many others. And if you have any difficulties or questions, you can always contact our Support Service.

We do not stop working on improving our options and with this update we are opening a new stage in the development of our Club. In the near future will be the completion of other services, so stay tuned!

11/24/2018 15:50
New level of interaction and partnership

Dear friends and partners!

The activity of our Club is aimed at enabling you to “manage the dream”, determining your future. Every day new participants join us, who write letters to us, show activity, discuss news and share experience and knowledge. For almost four months of activity, the Club continues to develop dynamically, including thanks to the efforts of its members and partners, their readiness to achieve their goals. We clearly realize that it is necessary to constantly improve, develop and implement various sets of activities and innovations - to continually exceed the expectations of each of our partners. From the first days of creating our Club, we chose a course for its development by expanding the area of responsibility and geography of activities, implementing new ideas and the implementation of international standards. We continue to follow the chosen course in the future. During this time we have conducted many successful trips and found it expedient to reach a new level of interaction with new participants and partners.

In our plans for the near future to open its offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, in Western Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. We are for an honest and respectful dialogue with new partners, with each other and the creator of our Club, for new thoughts, ideas, opportunities and acquaintances.

Thank you for joining our paths! We will also confidently and purposefully move to the tasks and solve them with ease. Your success is our calling!

10/30/2018 20:50
Modernization of cooperation

As promised, we continue to actively create opportunities for reliable, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with Nakopi Club and have taken another important step on this way. We avoid a useless race at maximum speed and focus on the real benefits and effectiveness of the services we offer. 

We are committed to a long-term and productive work based on an understanding of common interests and specifically for this have developed a new, additional functionality. It is unique in that it will be profitable and interesting not only for representatives of Nakopi Club, but also for its future participants.

The stimulating module "Basis" is designed to ensure successful start of new participants and privileged partnership conditions for representatives of Nakopi Club. All new participants registered on the partner ID of the Club's representative are credited with a motivating bonus of 30 DEP, which can be used as the first contribution for activation of the accumulative pack "Dreamer". And the Club representatives, in addition to expanding their partner structure by attracting new participants, are guaranteed a complex information and advertising support, all tools for successful work from Nakopi Club. 

On the updated section Partners are already available contact information of our representatives and the necessary conditions for those who want to become a representative.

We will continue to develop our interfaces and functionality so that cooperation with Nakopi Club would bring more opportunities and be pleasant in all respects!

09/22/2018 08:30
Baltic Fest 2018: planned meeting of invest bloggers

From September 7 to 11, Kaliningrad hosts a planned meeting of beginners and experienced bloggers - an event highlighting various aspects, strategies and reviews of promising projects for online investment. Also are planned the excursion program on the amber edge, a sightseeing tour in the Kurshskaya Kosa National Park, a visit to the enchanting fire show - the world championship on fireworks, coffee breaks, reception and much more. 

And we are proud to announce that Nakopi Club has become one of the main sponsors of this event! This is an excellent opportunity to gather in a beautiful place and transfer communication from virtual space to real, get to know and communicate with representatives of the investment blogosphere, get valuable advice and pump your skills. Nakopi Club is always open for communication and establishing new contacts for mutually beneficial cooperation. Detailed information about this event will be available in the very near future. 

More photos on our social networks:



09/09/2018 12:40
The official Telegram-chat of Nakopi Club

We invite you to join the official Telegram-chat of Nakopi Club, in which we, the participants and subscribers of our club share their knowledge, skills and experience. Here you can also get a quick consultation on the issues you are interested in, learn about important and interesting events in our club or just pleasantly chat with like-minded people. We promise that you will be no less interesting than on our website! 

You can join our chat here:


08/28/2018 19:10
Tool for marketing - a business card of the partner

Nakopi Club website is globally launched and started with a powerful financial strength, which, we are sure, will ensure the rapid development and team support necessary for your success. Choosing a reliable, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with Nakopi Club, you get the opportunity to develop your own potential, gain a solid income and take your niche in the developing financial market. 

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of affiliate programs or already have professional experience. We provide our partners with all the necessary advertising materials for cooperation, such as materials for the web and materials for printing. You just have to announce your participation in the Nakopi Club and get a reward for every new member of the club. Provide yourself with a stable and tangible income and a decent future. 

We did our job. The queue is yours.

08/26/2018 12:40
Working at full capacity!

We are the team of your personal wizards who make your dreams come true. In our view, real success is achievable if people work together as one team, supporting and helping each other achieve their goals. And today we have great news - we are announcing a global, worldwide launch of the Nakopi Club website! The test mode has been fully completed, all the shortcomings have been eliminated, the functions and capabilities used have been mastered and brought to the mind. The site works in full force and accepts new registered participants! 

Nakopi Club is open to cooperation with those people who consider it their duty to change for the better their own lives. More importantly, a partnership with Nakopi Club can provide you with a chance to realize your dream and build a reliable additional income. We create opportunities that develop in people the desire for success - they know exactly what they want, and feel that they are moving towards their goal. In the end, everything rests on one simple truth - life is too short to live someone else's dream. 

Realize your dreams and earn as much as you really deserve!

08/25/2018 07:00