Frequently asked Questions

In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions. Of course, we can not provide all your questions, so we are ready to answer any topic individually. Check out the existing frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you do not find the information you are interested in, ask your question and get an answer to it within 1 business day.

Questions about the Club and its activities
1 What are the main goals of Nakopi Club?

The main goal of our Club is to help as many people as possible in achieving their goals. Nakopi Club is created for those who have plans and dreams, but who do not have enough money for it; for those who can help, and those who need help.

2 What does Nakopi Club offer to its customers?

We have developed stable investment solutions with maximum profitability and minimum risk, which are based on a thorough analysis and study of the modern financial market. The implemented concepts enable you to accumulate the necessary amount by a certain date and get a reliable passive income or additional investment income - depending on your preferences and material possibilities. In turn, the Club performs coordination and control over all processes, providing comfortable conditions for efficient and productive activities.

3 Does the administration use its own resources in subsidizing?

Yes. About 30% of working capital is the funds of employees and the management of the Club.

4 How much does the Club earn on mutual subsidies?

In addition to the minimum percentage of deposits used to pay for the necessary components of the full functioning of the site and the work of the Club as a whole, the Club makes a profit using its own working capital in subsidizing.

The scheme of work Nakopi Club
1 How to get started with Nakopi Club?

Sign up and log in to the site. For registration, it is enough for us to know your name and e-mail. All procedures are absolutely confidential. After registration, you should replenish your personal account on the "Your balance" tab in the Personal Area. All transactions are absolutely safe.

2 What payment systems does Nakopi Club work with?

We work with Perfect Money, Qiwi-wallet, Payeer, Bitcoin, Sberbank, Privatbank, Advanced cash.

3 I already registered and recharged the balance. What's next?

Choose one of the subsidizing options in the Accumulation Platforms. Regardless of the package you choose, you can decide for yourself when your contribution will finish working and what level of profitability you are satisfied. Select the package, enter the amount and make a payment. The funds will automatically be written off your balance and will be frozen for the term of the deposit. At the end of the deposit term, the funds are returned to your balance together with interest. You can withdraw money through the "Withdrawing funds" tab in the Personal account by selecting the withdrawal method (wallet number), or leave the funds on the account balance and continue cooperation.

4 What does mean DEP? What is it for?

We have developed our own accounting unit DEP, the rate of which is tied to the current rate of the most stable world currency - the US dollar. 1 DEP is equivalent to 1 USD. The use of DEP allows us to take care of the financial stability of the contributions of all members of the Club from around the world.

5 What does transit balance mean and what is it intended for?

Transit balance is a separate balance, which receives funds for the further opening of new packages. Funds from the transit balance can not be withdrawn. If you wish, you can transfer the accrued funds from the main account to the transit account and open a new package. To do this, in the Personal Account, select the Internal Transfer section and make the transfer.

6 What is the minimum and maximum amount for the deposit?

The minimum amount for the deposit is $ 0,1. For maximum deposit amount, no restrictions are set.

7 When can I get paid on the deposit made?

The whole term of the deposit is divided into periods during which the payable interest will be calculated. The frequency and duration of these periods can be different - you set it yourself. The high profit ratio directly depends on the duration of the deposit period and the intensity of payments, therefore, the later and less often you receive payments and the longer the term of the deposit, the more profit you will receive.

8 How long does it take to complete my application for withdrawal of accrued funds?

All requests for withdrawal of accrued funds are processed according to the regulations, within 3-5  working days.

9 What is the bonus module "Basis"?

All new participants who have registered on the partner ID of the representative of Nakopi Club, are credited with a motivating bonus of 30 DEP, which can be used as the first contribution for activation of the accumulative pack "Dreamer". The "Dreamer" package is a cumulative package. the participant must contribute funds regularly for several weeks to form the desired amount. When the package is activated, the participant is given the choice "Use bonus 30 DEP", which can be written off as a first payment.

10 Can I withdraw bonus funds after the end of the package?

Bonus funds are not subject to withdrawal, only the interest earned on them. After the end of the term of the package, the funds will return to the bonus balance and they can be used again by activating the new package "Dreamer".

11 What is the minimum period of work for the "Dreamer" package using the bonus module?

The minimum period is 4 weeks.

12 I activated the "Dreamer" package and used the 30 DEP bonus for the first contribution. What's next?

If you activated it for a period of 4 weeks, the next 3 weekly contribution you make out of your personal funds from your account balance. If in 6 weeks - the 5 next, etc.

Affiliate program Nakopi Club
1 How to become a partner of the Club? I have no experience and resources.

To become a partner of Nakopi Club it is not necessary to make special investments - it is just enough to have the desire and to register on the site. Already at registration you will receive a unique link with your partner code. By registering under your link, a new member automatically becomes your referral, and you receive a bonus from the deposit made by him. Nakopi Club is open for long-term cooperation and will provide all the tools for successful work to anyone who wishes to become a partner, regardless of whether he is new to the world of affiliate programs or already has professional experience.

2 How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

A multi-level system assumes income from the entire partner structure at all stages of cooperation. The percentage of attracting new participants is the gratitude from Nakopi Club, which you get when your referral registers in the Club and makes a deposit. In this, your profit for bringing a new member into the Club does not end. With the expansion of your partner structure or the opening of a new deposit, you are again paid a reward. And it can be quite considerable sums. After the transfer of partner reward to your account balance you can withdraw funds or activate a comfortable concept of subsidizing.

3 How to become a representative of the Club?

It is necessary to have a stable financial position in the Club - 1000 DEP personal contribution or 5000 DEP structural turnover. Then you can send us a request for the status of representative.

4 What does the status of a representative of the Club give?

In addition to expanding its partner structure by attracting new participants, the representative is guaranteed a set of information and advertising support, all tools for successful work from Nakopi Club.

5 Will I receive a referral reward if my partner makes a contribution using bonus funds?

No, the payment of referral reward with bonus funds is not provided.

Privacy and Security
1 What personal information should be provided to the Club?

The basic personal information that is necessary for us is the full name of the participant, his e-mail and payment details.

2 How will my personal data be used?

All personal information provided by the participant is stored in an environment of complete confidentiality and under no circumstances disclosed to third parties, except as provided by law or when the administration deems such actions necessary to comply with legal procedure.

3 What additional information can the Club collect about the participants?

Our system can automatically determine and collect the following additional information about the participant: the user's IP address, the browser used by the user, the type of operating system and cookies.

Customer Support Questions
1 What is the schedule for the Customer Support Service?

The schedule of the Customer Support Service is almost round-the-clock.

2 What language is done customer support?

Multilingual customer support is at your service.

3 How is the process of operating customer requests for customer support?

We accept the request, check and review, transferring to the appropriate department. Then the client receives a reply no later than 8 hours from the moment the request is processed.